Our Goals

We are Golden Bay’s community-based and community-centred garden dedicated to growing organic produce and supporting a range of programmes for organic and sustainable gardening practices in Golden Bay.  We are the second oldest organic community garden in New Zealand, after Kelmana Gardens in Auckland.


Our goals are to:

  • Provide educational opportunities for the public and other institutions in organic, permaculture, nature-based and sustainable living.


  • Provide land managed organically for demonstration, allotment rentals and employment opportunities, including a community stall for produce sales, seed saving space, community orchard, woodlot, and reforestation.


  • Provide facilities for community use for creative, recreational and private pursuits.

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Sol Morgan

Gardens Manager/Chair

Avid organic gardener, edible landscaper, seed saver and community garden advocate with over thirty years experience. Sol is passionate about sharing his knowledge and inspiring people of all ages to live in a more sustainable way.

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Murray Rogers


Murray Rogers has been a trustee of Te Wharerangi  Trust for over 20 years and contributed to the formation of Golden Bay Organics, a retail shop selling organic products, working there since its inception in 1999. He has been a stalwart upholder of GB HANDS, Golden Bay's own alternative complementary currency. 

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Nina Sobhani

Gardens Coordinator

As of September 2019, Nina Sobhani is new to the Sustainable Living Centre and hopes to bring a fresh wind into it. She coordinates the Centre's day-to-day business, the volunteers and PD workers. If you're interested in an allotment or want to get involved in any other way contact her on 022 455 09 57.

Kerstin Knight

Financial Administrator

Kerstin has incredible expertise in finance and accounting. She has served our organisation with her accounting expertise for many years now. 

Susi Clearwater


Susi is passionate about organic food growing. She loves to spend time in the garden and getting out amongst nature. 

She became a trustee of Te Wharerangi Trust as a way of contributing towards a sustainable world, working at a local level.

Grant Knowles

Community Board Liaison

Since moving to Golden Bay in 1987 I have become known for my role in the arts, however, I think I have a much broader understanding and commitment for the greater community.  I serve on the Golden Bay Community Board which gives me insights, understanding and compassion for the whole community.  I know many people here and one of my strengths is networking both between groups and individuals.  Communication, commitment, integrity and honesty which play an important part in my life and these are strengths I bring to this Trust.  I am not afraid to make difficult and unpopular descisions after all the information and facts have been thoroughly worked through. 

zahra headshot.jpg
Zahra Lightway M.Ed

Sustainable Living Course Developer

Zahra manages the development of the SLC working with our team of trustees and staff to create the best possible outcomes for students. 

Her background is in education and curriculum design.  

John Massey


John has been involved with the Golden Bay Community Gardens almost since its inception, 1985, and continues as a trustee Te Wharerangi Trust. Over that time he has been always a gardener, always has had a deep interest in nature, the earth , all plants and the relationship between earth, plants and humans. He has been and still is a teacher of multiple aspects of plant and earth care and their well-being. He has been the co-ordinator/manager of the Gardens. Also a grower of herbs and the more unusual vegetables as well as growing and marketing salad greens before such a thing was established as a mainstream food item. His main interest is in deepening an awareness of all plants and yes, life itself and sharing that awareness gained with others.


Our Team