SLC Job Descriptions

SLC Programme Director Assistant

This position is an opportunity to grow your skills and participate in meaningful work helping to make the world more sustainable. 
The position has many varied work experiences and is best for someone who can be flexible in working hours and has a willingness to flow with the needs of the week or day. Sometimes you will be working with the Programme Director in the office, sometimes at the Centre gardening or setting up learning spaces for workshops and courses, & sometimes helping build or paint and so on. The main job is to assist the Programme Director as needed with many tasks.


This position is ideal for someone who identifies with being:

  • Confident creative thinker with an eye for detail. 

  • Flexible, adaptable and a fast learner.  

  • Friendly

  • Competent

  • Organised

  • Reliable

  • Great communication skills

  • Able to work unsupervised

  • Have a solid, basic understanding of google docs, google sheets, google drive, dropbox, and general software use including knowing your way around a computer well enough to create folders and save files.  

"Great To Have" Experience:

  • Photography

  • Video filming and light editing

  • Social media

  • Cooking for groups - Wednesday's & some other days. 

  • Natural building

  • Carpentry

You will need a laptop, phone and good basic computer skills. Tasks will be varied including making phone calls to set up guest tutors, sorting and renaming photographs and videos, downloading files from Google drive into Dropbox, posting on FB and Instagram, updating website, updating spreadsheets, help prepare for meetings any other tasks you have the skills for that may be needed.

It is helpful if you like working on the computer and are into social media with good writing skills and would like the sound of the following...

Required Skills and Abilities:

It is an advantage if you are someone with training in the areas outlined and other marketing areas who is looking to get experience and further training. You must be available for communication via phone or text or email.

  • There is also space to bring in new ideas and try them out. If not, training is also provided as long as you have basic computer skills as outlined. 

Helping out with the Sustainable Living Course: there are many tasks involved with helping out while the course is being run. This will be your main role when the course is on. 

Caterer Assistance: 

  • Harvest and wash salad and produce daily - half an hour to be completed before 12:30.

  • Make oat milk 15 minutes to be completed before 10:30. 

  • Fill and turn on hot water urn by 9 

  • Help chop veggies. - half an hour 

  • Wash cooking dishes. - half an hour between 12 and 12:30. 


This role can be shared with Centre volunteers and is flexible depending on how close you live to the Centre. For days you will be tutor assisting all day, you will do this role as well and will need to arrive at the Centre prior to your Tutor Assistant Role in order to complete some tasks or do them during class sessions with communication with tutor around timing. 

Tutor Assistant Role
Daily task on tutor assist days: 15 minutes a day. 

  • Setup data projector for morning presentations. 

  • Put data projector away each evening. 


Permaculture & Community Resilience Tutor: Robina & Annelie
Before and After Class: be available and ready for thirty minutes each morning and evening so be at the Centre by 8:15 am and stay till 5:30 pm. These are the types of tasks to be done at these times. One hour fifteen per day. 

  • Help get teaching resources from Robina’s van and the office. 

  • Return materials to Robina’s van and the office.

  • Ensure class space is well set up i.e. chairs in right configuration, boards clean. (NB: this does not mean general cleaning. All students will take a turn at cleaning up the classroom as part of their mahi.) 

  • Print materials in advance which are to be used for group work during sessions. 

  • Upload all Powerpoints and materials into Google Drive. 

  • Type up some class notes from the flipchart.

  • Do advance physical prep for some sessions (eg stick maps onto field boards)

During The Day:  (6 hours per day on full days not including lunch time. Note some of the time you will be stepping out to assist the caterer and if not needed by the tutor, the coordinator may call on you for assistance.)

  • Set up and pack down materials in interactive sessions - it’s essential that you be prepared to work with set-up/take down during some breaks and do this work before taking a tea break or lunch yourself.  

  • General assistance role as called upon from time to time

  • Go through Robina’s session and set up planning notes (you will have a copy) with her sometime the day before or earlier up to a week in advance (as timing works for both of you), so as to be prepared in advance. 


Natural Building Assistance TBD
Project Management and Sustainable Business TBD

Sustainable Eating TBD likely unloading and packing down equipment and setting up. This is three course days and would also be days you would cook lunch if that is in your skillset. 
Organic Growing TBD likely preparing tools and equipment ahead of time and making sure we have enough. 

Please read carefully before you apply....

BELAB Opportunities For Disability Needs NZ Residents & Citizens

This position is open for people who meet ALL the criteria listed below for a BELAB Internship.    

Tertiary educated access individuals can apply for a 12 week fully paid part or full time internship. 

Non-tertiary educated access individuals age 18+ can apply for a fully paid part or full time 16 week internship. 

BELAB Internship Criteria

Tertiary educated students in their last or penultimate year or who finished tertiary training within the last 12 months need to meet the following criteria: 

  • living with an access need or disability such as anxiety, depression, physical impairment or other.

  • a New Zealand Citizen or Resident 

  • not in receipt of ACC payments

Non-tertiary trained people age 18 and over looking for a start or a new career path . Eligible candidates include those who:

  • Are living with an access need or disability such as anxiety, depression, physical impairment or other.

  • Are a New Zealand Citizen or Resident 

  • Are not in receipt of ACC payments

  • Are on or eligible for a benefit

NB: BELAB age limit is 16 but the GBSLC only hires people 18 years and older. 

Application Process: 

  1. Read all details of the job description.

  2. Read the above information about BELAB and make sure you qualify.

  3. Register with BELAB through their website. 

  4. Click below to apply for the job. 
    The deadline for applying for the position starting in February is January 15th. Interviews week of January 17th.  The position begins  
    The position begins the week of February 28th for the 12 week internship or February 21st for the 16 week internship.    Click below and fill out our application.   



Check back for more opportunities as they come available.