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Please Make A Donation To

Golden Bay Sustainable Living Centre to help fund our projects.

You can also call 02 04 077 1446

Your generous support will help fund projects like:

The Golden Bay Community Gardens & Sustainable Living Centre depends on community support for our survival as the centre of organic sustainable gardening and the movement to more sustainable living in Golden Bay!  Please help us so we can continue to help to create, sustain and support a vibrant connection to nature, organic food, and each other!


To donate to the Community Gardens and Sustainable Living Centre by direct deposit to our account use:

NBS Te Wharerangi Trust 03-1354-0315784-00 


To donate specifically to the Sustainable Living Course by direct deposit to our account use: 

NBS Te Wharerangi Trust 03-1354-0315784-01 

If you would prefer to send us a cheque, our address is:

Te Wharerangi Trust,  24 Waitapu Road, Takaka, 7110

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International Donors


Save us and yourselves transaction fees - use Transferwise.

Bank: NBS

Account # 03-1354-0315784-00

Routing # 031354

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