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Golden Bay Sustainable Living Centre Coordinator/Gardens Manager

LOCATION:  Golden Bay Sustainable Living Centre, Takaka

START DATE:  2 Feb 2021

CONTRACT DURATION:  1 year, with potential for renewal

HOURS: 30 hrs per week

PAYMENT RATE:  $26 per hr


It's an exciting time of expansion at the Golden Bay Sustainable Living Centre. For the past two years we have been running the Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course, and prior to that our community Harvest Festival, Sustainable Golden Bay Hui, workshops, volunteer hosting and training in organic growing, and we have about 40 allotment holders. We seek to expand our offerings to include an internship, membership program and new workshop series as well as growing more delicious produce for our stall.  For the right person, this position is exciting and rewarding. 

This position includes:  food production, composting, organising and teaching internship programmes and workshops, overseeing and guiding volunteers, events organisation and promotion, site management and infrastructure maintenance.  


Full Job Description
Inclusion and prioritising of these tasks depend on hours of employment as well as the expressed planning priorities of the Golden Bay Sustainable Living Centre management.

Coordinator has the flexibility to set their own hours as long as Centre needs are prioritized effectively. 

Coordinator will have a team of 2-6 volunteers depending on the season.

Managing People 

  • Oversee and guide volunteers 

  • Be a ‘Reception Person’ - the ‘face of the Centre’ for the public 

  • Manage allotments (be ‘point of contact’ liaison person with allotment holders and those interested in having an allotment.)

  • Manage volunteers on all levels, based on current policies and agreements, and with guidance from HR group 

  • Uphold the ‘Code of Conduct’ – be compassionate but firm 

  • Become familiar with and abide by Health & Safety protocols and inform volunteers, renters and allotment holders if violation of these is observed

  • Be contact person (and creating MOU where applicable) for public schools, community and individuals 

  • Liaise with the Trust, Finance Person, Bookings Manager and Stall Manager as necessary

  • Liaise with Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course Coordinator in particular about food production for the course students. 

  • Oversee Department of Correction Probation workers on Tuesdays 9am to 3pm.



  • Develop. run and teach the new Intern Programme

  • Organise and run workshops


Event Organisation, Promotion, Communication 

  • Organise EVE Pop Up Cafes

  • Organise regular working bees

  • Support the organisation of the February Sustainability Hui 

  • Manage publicity (eg Facebook, Takaka Noticeboard, Wholemeal Board

  • Post upcoming events on Facebook and via email contacts

  • Update Centre Info Board

  • Provide a Co-ordinators Report for monthly Trust meeting

  • Organise Harvest Festival

  • Organise the updating of signage

  • Write a monthly blog for website

  • Update the website as needed. 

Food Production (with volunteers/interns)

  • Organise and maintain the Centre’s food gardens

  • Grow food based on the provided planting and delivery plan

  • Recycle compost 

  • Make available purchased garden/soil fertility products to the public


Land & Facilities

  • Maintain an overview of the management requirements of the whole site, and action as appropriate eg inform the Trust of significant changes

  • Report infrastructure and equipment repairs, and do followup organisation

  • Purchase tools and equipment when essential.

  • Ensure Earth House and Maker Space are kept clean and tidy for rental use 

  • Maintain boundary fences based on agreements with neighbours and owners

  • Liase with allotment holders and manage allotment rents.  





  • Thorough organic gardening knowledge

  • Efficient and effective time management

  • Wise resource management 

  • Good communication skills

  • Clear and concise decision maker

  • Strategic thinker and planner

  • Willing to take direction

  • Professional manner

  • Exemplary leadership

  • Ability to delegate

  • Easeful in social situations

  • Natural facilitator and educator

  • Confident

  • Great team worker

  • Synergistic

  • Realistically Optimistic!




Experience in: 

  • Two years of experience of food growing using regenerative organic practices 

  • Project Management

  • Landscaping

  • Composting systems

  • Construction and building maintenance 

  • Using power tools

  • Health & safety hazard reduction

  • Education and facilitation

  • Event organisation eg pop-up cafes, working bees 



  • Tractor driving 

  • Driveway & paths maintenance

  • Drainage installation and maintenance

  • Fencing

  • Machinery maintenance

  • Group scale food preparation 

  • Ability to generate income

  • Knowledge of updating website using WIX or willingness to learn

  • Knowledge and experience of using sociocracy.



First Aid Certificate or willingness to train in this immediately

Reasonable Computer Literacy (in both hardware and software) or a fast-track learner in this area

Applications Close: midday Fri 15 Jan 2021
Applicants will be advised if they are shortlisted on Tues morning 18 Jan.
Interviews will take place from 4pm onwards on Wed 20 Jan, with the outcome communicated 
by midday Thurs 21 Jan.  The position begins on Tues 2 February 2021.  

NB: Potential Change of Hours to Part Time:  This full time position is dependent on expected grant money coming in, which will be clear by 15 January.  If this particular grant money is not forthcoming, then the hours will be dropped down to 15 hours per week and the job description slimmed down.  The rate will still be $26 per hour.  This change will be advised to successful shortlisted applicants by Sat 16th January.   


Please allow up to 30 minutes to complete the application and have your CV saved as

a pdf ready to upload at the end. Good luck. All genders encouraged to apply.

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Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course

Scholarship Work Exchange  Opportunity

After running 3 highly successful Sustainable Living Courses, we are excited to offer a work exchange scholarship opportunity for the full cost of the September 2021 Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course. 


What You Receive: Full participation in the September 2021 Golden Bay Sustainable Living fast becoming known as the best course of its kind in New Zealand and potentially the world. You learn permaculture design, organic growing, natural building, project management and sustainable business, sustainable eating, personal wellbeing, and complete a mentored personal project. The only costs you will have to cover are for supplies and any costs associated with your personal project. 

Be part of a team of professionals working for a more sustainable future. 


Course details and video here. 

Exchange Basis: Time
You receive 300 hours of instruction (50 days x 6 hours a day) on the September 2021 Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course, a Permaculture Design Certificate and Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course Certficate plus lunch on full working days while you are assisting on the March course. 


What We Receive
We receive 270 hours of assistance starting the week of Monday February 8th, 2021 assisting the course coordinator and course tutors prior to, during and after the March 2021 course which runs from March 8th through May 14th. 


Application Process
Applications Close: midday Fri 22 Jan 2021 Applicants will be advised if they are shortlisted on Tuesday morning 26 Jan. Interviews will take place from 4pm onwards on Wed 27th Jan with the outcome communicated by midday Friday 29 Jan.  The position begins the week of Monday 7th February 2021.    

This represents one month before the course begins assisting the course coordinator,  two and half months during the course (see details below) and if any hours remain they are completed between the courses which is about a three month period. 
Work hours will vary and you will need to be able to be flexible. The majority of hours will be during the course. 
While assisting lunch will be provided on days you work a full day and not on half days. 


Required Characteristics:

  • Friendly

  • Competent

  • Flexible

  • Organised

  • Reliable

  • Great communication skills

  • Able to work unsupervised


Required Skills and Abilities:

  • Computer skills: Gmail, Google Drive - competent in using google docs, sheets, forms and slides or experience with Microsoft Office.

  • Available for communication via phone or text or email.

Desired Experience:

  • Photography

  • Video filming and light editing

  • Social media

  • Cooking for groups

  • Natural building

  • Carpentry


Required roles will be:

  1. Coordinator Assistant 

  2. Tutor Assistant 

  3. Caterer Assistant


Coordinator Assistant:

  • Five - 8 hours a week starting one month before the course starts and for one week after the course minimum.  Preferably two blocks of 4 hours but could vary. Days can be arranged with timing preference given to the scheduling needs of the coordinator. 

  • Attend course planning meetings before, during and after the course 

  • Attend and assist on opening day - Monday March 8th. 

You will need a laptop, phone and good basic computer skills. Tasks will be varied including making phone calls to set up guest tutors, sorting and renaming photographs and videos, downloading files from Google drive into Dropbox, posting on FB and Instagram, updating website, updating spreadsheets, help prepare for meetings any other tasks you have the skills for that may be needed.

Number of hours pre-course: 20 - 32 includes attending meetings. 

Caterer Assistance: 

  • Harvest and wash salad and produce daily - half an hour to be completed before 12:30.

  • Make oat milk 15 minutes to be completed before 10:30. 

  • Fill and turn on hot water urn. By 9 

  • Help chop veggies. - half an hour 

  • Wash cooking dishes. - half an hour between 12 and 12:30. 


This role can be shared with Centre volunteers and is flexible depending on how close you live to the Centre. For days you will be tutor assisting all day, you will do this role as well and will need to arrive at the Centre prior to your Tutor Assistant Role in order to complete some tasks or do them during class sessions with communication with tutor around timing. 

Tutor Assistant Role
Daily task on tutor assist days: 15 minutes a day. 

  • Setup data projector for morning presentations. 

  • Put data projector away each evening. 


Permaculture & Community Resilience Tutor: Robina
Before and After Class: be available and ready for thirty minutes each morning and evening so be at the Centre by 8:15 am and stay till 5:30 pm. These are the types of tasks to be done at these times. One hour fifteen per day. 

  • Help get teaching resources from Robina’s van and the office. 

  • Return materials to Robina’s van and the office.

  • Ensure class space is well set up i.e. chairs in right configuration, boards clean. (NB: this does not mean general cleaning. All students will take a turn at cleaning up the classroom as part of their mahi.) 

  • Print materials in advance which are to be used for group work during sessions. 

  • Upload all Powerpoints and materials into Google Drive. 

  • Type up some class notes from the flipchart.

  • Do advance physical prep for some sessions (eg stick maps onto field boards)

During The Day  (6 hours per day on full days not including lunch time. Note some of the time you will be stepping out to assist the caterer and if not needed by the tutor, the coordinator may call on you for assistance.)

  • Set up and pack down materials in interactive sessions - it’s essential that you be prepared to work with set-up/take down during some breaks and do this work before taking a tea break yourself.  

  • General assistance role as called upon from time to time

  • Go through Robina’s session and set up planning notes (you will have a copy) with her sometime the day before or earlier up to a week in advance (as timing works for both of you), so as to be prepared in advance. 


Natural Building Assistance TBD
Project Management and Sustainable Business TBD

Sustainable Eating TBD likely unloading and packing down equipment and setting up. This is three course days and would be days you would cook lunch if that is in your skillset. 
Organic Growing TBD likely preparing tools and equipment ahead of time and making sure we have enough. 


Potential Roles dependent upon skills: details provided after you apply .

  • Cook Lunch

  • Photographer/Videographer

  • Social Media Guru

  • Yoga Teacher: Offer a morning or afternoon yoga class

  • Morning Check In Person - needs group facilitation skills

  • Other as needed or based on your skillset.