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Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course Assistant

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Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course BELAB Paid Internships

The Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course is on the look for motivated access individuals for a 12 or 16 week paid internship.   

Tertiary educated access individuals can apply for a 12 week fully paid part or full time internship. 

Non-tertiary educated access individuals age 18+ can apply for a fully paid part or full time 16 week internship. These opportunities are available through BELAB. Click below for details and to apply. 

This opportunity of a full scholarship is open for candidates able to work before during and after one course in exchange for attending as a full time student the next course. 


What You Receive: Full participation in the March 2022 Golden Bay Sustainable Living fast becoming known as the best course of its kind in New Zealand and potentially the world. You learn permaculture design, organic growing, natural building, project management and sustainable business, sustainable eating, personal wellbeing, and complete a mentored personal project. The only costs you will have to cover are for supplies and any costs associated with your personal project, your accommodation and any food not provided on the course.


To participate in the March 2022 course you will assist on the September 2021 Course beginning mid-August through mid- December in Golden Bay.  Golden Bay residents have first priority for this opportunity. 

Be part of a team of professionals working for a more sustainable future. 

Check back for more opportunities as they come available.