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Organic Growing

What Is Organic Growing About?


Organic growing follows the motto of Soil & Health Association, the world's oldest organic organisation, :

"Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy animals, healthy people, healthy planet."


Long time gardener and founder of the Sustainable Living Course, Sol Morgan, will teach the organic growing module. Under his expert tutelage, you will deepen your awareness of how to work with natural ecosystems to create healthy soil, healthy food and healthy environments. 


You will gain understanding of how to achieve diverse productive healthy ecosystems that support your lifestyle, local resilience and help mitigate climate change by sequesting carbon in the atmosphere into the soil, and learning how to grow more healthy plants and trees. 


With practical hands-on experience you’ll gain skills needed to create these abundant environments.  Throughout the course we’ll garden together to learn these skills and observe nature and its awesomeness.


Many field trips to local gardens and farms will inspire you further of the different possibilities available. In many cases you’ll again get an opportunity to get your hands dirty, so don’t forget your gardening clothes!


Organic Growing Module Content


  • Organic principles & garden design

  • Healthy soil and soil assessment

  • Composting and worm farms

  • Bed preparation and planting

  • Plant propagation

  • Crop planning & plant care

  • Pests, diseases & beneficial insects

  • Seed saving

  • Fruit growing & propagation

  • Tree planting

  • Commercial horticulture

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