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Achieving Mental Magic & Body Bliss from Hula Hoop Dance

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

By Pixie Circus Hoops NZ

Hula hooping is so much bliss & fun that you’ll explode biodegradable glitter out of your ears!

When most people think of hula hooping, they think of the classic activity of sending a hoop around the waist. However, the modern art of hula hooping has become so much more than that! It has evolved into a full-body dance fused with circus tricks and illusions! Imagine the feeling of the hoop gliding from your waist to knees, then alternating the hoop knee to knee. And later, as a dance develops, the hoop moves in a smooth line from rolling across the chest into an elegant, hypnotic swinging all around the body using the arms. Is it centripetal force or magic? Who cares when you have this much fun!

Be enchanted by gravity-defying hoop dance videos, and learn for yourself with

a custom-made hula hoop & online tutorials.

Hello there! I'm Laura, also known as Pixie, of Pixie Circus Hoops NZ. I'm sharing my story about my sustainably-sourced hula hoop store, how I teach beginners to twist and turn, and why I hope you'll join in on the revolutions. I previously performed and taught hula hoop across the UK, where I was distracted by a huge, fluffy unicorn which led me over a giant rainbow ending in New Zealand! Luckily, my hoops came along for the journey.

Hooping hasn't always been my passion.

When I started hooping I couldn’t even keep the hoop up around my waist.

Once I got a good beginner-friendly hoop I took a bit of time to start learning the basics and soon started to fall in love. I was moving my body in ways I have never moved before, building new brain-body connections and doing things that felt impossible when I began. Not only that, but I also started to feel more confident in my body. Of course from the physical benefits of the exercise. More awesome, though: I felt better because I was being more fully connected with my body. Hooping is a great way to become more embodied. It creates awareness of movement and just feels really good! For myself and for many others too, hoop dance has been a way to develop an appreciation for movement and fitness. I now fully appreciate my body and its ability of movement.

Your first experience with a hoop can be discouraging like mine. This is normal! I realized early on that one of the issues of hula hooping is having a poor quality hoop. Typical lightweight and flimsy hoops are incredibly difficult to spin. They break and bend easily. Then, they end up in landfills as waste.

Part of my business is making custom-made hula hoops here in New Zealand. Our hoops are made using the best quality elements: this includes professional-grade grip tape that helps the hoop stick to the body easier. We have a range of colorful designs for kids, beginners, and advanced hoopers! We also use recyclable materials where possible and all our packaging is compostable.

I believe that the impossible is possible and I'm on a mission to share the enlightening journey of hula hooping with you!

Hooping is a great activity for all the family. It is playful and creative, a great excuse to put on your favorite music, melt away the days' stress as you move all of your body! After some practice, you may start developing a flow. Flow is what happens when you’re able to start connecting moves together in a fun and free dance! This can take a little practice to start getting to, but it's absolutely worth it.

Flow space is where mental magic happens. It’s a fusion of meditation and movement, endorphins release as the body moves, the mind becomes quiet but concentrated, and all but the moment of now disappears. For me, this is my happy place and this feeling is what I want to share with others!

If you’d like to learn hula hoop as a dance form, Pixie Circus Hoops has a beginner hooping series that's all available online! The tutorials each have detailed breakdowns and slow-motion clips to help you fully understand the movement. If you're craving community, you can also find a local hoop dance class, or practice the online class with friends!

Find me at Pixie Circus Hoops NZ on Facebook and Instagram and give us a message if you’d like to get a hoop made just for you or to enroll to our online hoop dance series. While we are in lockdown our beginner series is available by donation!

Big thanks,



The Golden Bay Sustainable Living Center is sharing Pixie's sustainable business and mission for a little dose of cheerful inspiration! We love what she does, and we hope you'll be encouraged to learn a thing or two. At least give her page a follow: you won't regret filling your newsfeed with cool hoop dance videos.

P.S. She'll be teaching at the one of the GB Sustainable Living Course wellness class!

This is not a sponsored post.


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