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Local Permaculture Prodigy Teaches Community Resilience at Evolve Festival 2020

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

“Robina McCurdy is a woman who lives her passion and walks her talk.”

Indeed. On the first day of the Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course, Robina led sing-alongs with dance moves that everyone, old and young, wholeheartedly enacted. Outside looking in, maybe this seems silly, but upon meeting her, it was not. She has dedicated the majority of her vivid life to preserving life by sharing her knowledge of permaculture and community. So, maybe not dancing would be the silliness.

(Robina leads laughter-inducing dress-up activities for conflict resolution workshop at the Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course September 2019).

On Sunday, Jan. 26 at Evolve Festival, Robina will teach about Building Community. Her two hour session will be an engaging workshop employing the Global Ecovillage Network's tools of regeneration for empowering community resilience everywhere. Join us there at Evolve, the three day festival of education and entertainment designed for invigorating wellbeing; physically, mentally, spiritually and environmentally.

Who is Robina McCurdy?

For more than 30 years, Robina has been a community development and permaculture design facilitator within Aotearoa and internationally. She is the co-founder of Tui Spiritual & Educational Trust & Tui Community and founder of the Institute for Earthcare Education Aotearoa. She is the spearhead S.E.E.D. (Schools Environmental Education & Development) in Brazil and South Africa. Additionally, she is a lead instructor at the Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course for Permaculture Design and Community Resilience.

Building Community Resilience

How do we build a community? According to Robina, it begins with recognizing the gifts of each individual, building consensus and uniting with shared values. It is taking action steps. It is constantly developing better communication skills and it is actively participating in community. She knows community is necessary for vitality in nature and in society. It is the best way to become resilient in the midst of chaos, and to adapt to changes.

What is Evolve Festival?

January 24-26, Evolve Festival will celebrate wellbeing and health in Nelson’s Founders Heritage Park.

“Evolve Festival is a celebration of old customs and new ways to transform the health and wellbeing of individuals, the community and the earth.

Feed your mind, soul, heart – and tummy!”

Workshop topics include

  • permaculture

  • organic food production & foraging

  • nutrition & cooking

  • food security

  • shamanic healing

  • sustainable business development

  • renewable energy

  • yoga, dance, and alternative bodywork

  • meditation, chanting, & sound healing

Additionally, there will be amazing performers such as Knights of the DUB Table

and Wild Marmalade, and a plethora of local healing, art and clothing vendors!

The Golden Bay Sustainable Living Center team will be there promoting our vendors at the show, and we hope you’ll swing by to see us on your way! We’re excited to share and explore your visions of a better, more sustainable world.

The Golden Bay Sustainable Living Center is a New Zealand non-profit education center that is creating a greater sense of hope and direction for the world by leading renowned classes on alternative building methods, organic growing, and permaculture design. Check out our Sustainable Living Course! We hope you’re more inspired and learned a few things from our post! Check out more on our site or sign up for our newsletter.

Thank you & Grow Wise,

The Sustainable Living Crew

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