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Elliot Cleland, Gardens Manager


The Seedling Club

Now there’s a new, easy way to grow your own healthy veggies in Golden Bay.

Sustainable Living Centre Gardens Manager, Elliot Cleland, has introduced the idea of "The Seedling Club" to Golden Bay, where people can pre buy their own seedlings, and he’ll grow them using regenerative organic practices.

“I’m excited to offer these packs as they are a simple way to build healthy soil in your garden at home and healthy soil means healthy food, means healthy humans,” he says.

Elliot discovered the idea working successfully in other community gardens around New Zealand such as OMG in Auckland and Kai Cycle in Wellington.

Each seedling pack contains 18 or more different plants, including flowers, that are treated with beneficial biology. They each come with a planting plan called a polycrop guild aimed at increasing soil health through diversity.

What Is A Polycrop Guild?

A classic and ancient polycropping system is the indigenous American guild known as ‘Three Sisters’ combining corn, beans, and pumpkins/squash, often with a 4th sister, the sunflower.

There are three packs available small for $20, medium for $40 or large for $80. Small packs include tomatoes and cucumber. Medium packs also include zucchini, and large packs also include pumpkin and squash.

To find out if packs are available or to prepay and order, call Elliot 02842655938 or

Note: the image to the left is an example of our spring Seedling Pack. While these are no long available, you can pre-order your Summer Seedling Pack from Elliot. 

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