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Programmes & Projects Moving Towards Sustainability

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Facilities & Site Activities​

  • Allotments for personal or small scale organic production rented out annually. 

  • Earth buildings: Kiosk made from locally fired earth bricks. Earth building made using rammed earth method – kiosk rented for local small business opportunity. Larger earth building available for workshops, meetings and group activities.

  • Commercial kitchen offered for cafe opportunity & locals making organic foodstuffs.

  • Outdoor covered Cobb Pizza oven and rocket stove facility for community use.

  • Green space for social gatherings like birthday parties and festivals.

  • Makers space (covered shed) for creative activities and gatherings.

  • Propagation space for small business growing organic seedlings for sale.

  • Shade house out back currently used for two months (October – November) by ‘Hanging Baskets’ team who get TDC funding to fill the main street with flowers.  This is available for the rest of the year for nursery production. 

  • Hothouse rented for small scale production by allotment holder(s).

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Education​ For Sustainable Living

  • Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course

  • TDC funded composting workshops.

  • Sustainable Living Course - 11 week course based at Gardens.  

  • Kindergarten nature exploration on Tuesdays and Thursdays in nut and woodlot areas.

  • Afterschool nature programme.

  • Living Skills programme funded by Corrections for offenders.

  • Organic gardening/health workshops eg produce fermentation, fruit tree pruning and seed saving.

  • Creative arts & craft workshops seasonally eg mosaics, flax weaving.

  • Youth Horticulture 8 week course run through Work Centre.

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Connected Culture 

  • Harvest Festival in March/April celebrating local organic food, entertainment and annual fundraiser.

  • Annual Sustainable Golden Bay event in February promoting discussion by locals on sustainable practices.

  • WWOOFers/Volunteers assist with gardening and maintenance in exchange for stay and/or produce.

  • Corrections offenders doing community service help maintain Gardens site

  • Community stall offers local organic seasonal produce, other growing products and vegetable and flower seedlings.     

Planning Future Projects.jpg

Future Projects In Sustainable Practices

  • Seasonal workshop programme offering learning opportunities to the public on organic gardening, healthy cooking, earth building, and beekeeping 

  • Educational programmes working with children including nature exploration, organic horticulture, healthy cooking and alternative technology

  • New signage and information area. Includes inclusion of Maori land history.

  • Construction of a low-impact eco-building to house staff/volunteers who help manage the gardens, along with a compost toilet to recycle valuable humanure. The aim is to build these using natural building methods, as an educational experience both in the building and later as a demonstration for the public.

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