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Golden Bay might be modest in size but we are wealthy beyond measure in the depth and breadth of our collective knowledge. 

The Golden Bay Sustainable Living Centre has gathered together a team of 10+ experts in their fields to offer you a tempting smorgasbord of learning adventures designed to upskill you all in practical tools for living a more sustainable, regenerative, and delicious life in tune with nature. 

You can learn how to build using all natural, locally sourced materials, how to grow using organic, regenerative & soil building methods, how to live a simpler, healthier life on less money with less stuff, how to eat healthily, locally, and sustainably, and how to make the most of what you harvest to see you through the winter. 

Below you will find the Autumn workshops and links to register. 

Looking for something more? Find out about our more indepth short courses here.

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A fun creative environment, learning to carve useful and or beautiful 'one of a kind' creations and where the only rule is maintaining a mutual respect for the group and their journey.


FULL: Thursday June 9th through Thursday July 21st  3:30 to 5:30 pm.

Age 9 and up. Adults encouraged to join in a fun multi-generational experience. 

OPEN: Wednesday June 8th through Wednesday July 20th. 3:30 to 5:30 pm

$60 - $80 sliding scale for kids 

$80 - $100 sliding scale adults


Some tools available to be used but it is advisable to purchase the kit pictured below available at Hammer Hardware or something you like better. You may want to also work at home inbetween classes.


Max: 10 per class. 

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A series of workshops on using locally sourced, all natural earthbuilding techniques to create beautiful functional spaces & how to build tools like dehydrators and solar ovens.

How to build a beautiful bench

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SPECIAL APRIL WORKSHOP: How to build a beautiful curved outdoor seat with earth in a creative way! Hands on! Learning all about earthbuilding, how to do the foundation of the seat, cob building and creative finishing touches with mosiac and bottles. 2 and a half day workshop. $250

This workshop is part of our full time Sustainable Living Course. You will be learning alongside our full-time students.

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Check back soon for more in this series. 

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The last two years have been challenging beyond measure for our physical, mental & emotional health.  Such challenges are also times of great opportunity to grow.  The How To Live Series offers a wide range of possibilites for us to learn with everything from repurposing wood we might have thrown in the fire and carving it into something useful and beautiful, to how to host an effective meeting.

Check back soon for more in this series.