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When you come to the Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course you join our family.

Meet your new family.

The students of September 2020 


Angela Dutoit,  34 UK,  March 2019

Robina McCurdy is a highly experienced, passionate and enthusiastic teacher, leading a well organised and detailed Permaculture course focused on a broad range of fascinating modules, bringing together nature, human settlement and how we can live in sustainable connection with our environment. Her teaching includes a broad range of learning styles using connective groupwork, practical examples of food growing and creative design, computer presentations, a wide range of published literature and a healthy dose of happiness, laughter and positivity!  Angela Du Toi 34, UK March 2019

Jasmin Hales, New Zealand, 23 years old - March 2019

Kia ora! I completed the Sustainable Living Course in March 2019 and overall it was a spectacular course that has enriched my life in numerous ways. I look at the world with hope and motivation and I intend to live with nature. The topics covered in this hearty course are truly varied and fascinating. We formed a close group and friends for life, which is a real bonus! The location is perfect and always buzzing with activity. I recommend this course to anyone who desires to cultivate ideas and inspiration for their own lives or others that involve sustainability and ultimately treading lightly on the Earth.

The P.C module is truly compact and exciting! I have millions of ideas buzzing around in my brain involving permaculture and future prospects. The module is hands-on, full power and remarkable; I recommend this course fully! 
Aroha to ALL who made it all possible!

Water For Bricks web.JPG

Valentina Strano, Italy, 34 years old - September 2019


The Golden Bay Sustainable Livng  course has been so important to me!

I have been looking into studying permaculture for long time, but I was never satisfied with the courses offered out there.


When I find out about this course having not just permaculture but also alternative building, organic gardening, food prep & preservation, personal wellness and personal project I thought: this is the course I have been looking for!


Ten weeks seemed like a long period of time at the beginning, but looking back I can see how amazing it has been to have a new routine for these weeks. The whole experience has been very inspiring and enriching.

The tutors are incredible humans happy to share their huge knowledge. The other students you meet in class are like minded and I am so grateful for the real strong connections I made.


The surrounding is hard to beat, Golden Bay is stunning, It has a great variety of hikes and activities to offer and Takaka is a little town with a fantastic & alive community. Most of the days are spent in the Sustainable Living Centre, days are dynamic and food is delicious!


The personal project you get to prepare and present I would say is the cherry on top of the cake. I am very happy with my decision to attend this course and with the knowledge I got and in my opinion the whole program helps bringing a positive change not only in student’s lives but in student’s families and communities. You get to take home a whole lot of informations, new ways of thinking and practical informations on how to live more in tune with our planet.


Methods of learning are dynamic. The whole class room is filled with positive vibes. Each student did bring something to the course. The whole time here is about learning, but also lots of fun and laughter :)

It has been a real incredible journey to see how far we have come as a small “family” of individuals that got here to learn some skills and got out with so much more.

What stoked me amongst other things is that we all presented a very unique personal project by the end of the course and each one of us had really incorporated the learnings gained in the 10 weeks. Despite all students different backgrounds, all our personal projects had in common the the goal of a better way of living, more sustainable and that could bring a positive change on our daily life.


Ed Thompson,  UK,  22 years old - September 2019

An awesome awakening to a new way of living. It feels like a paradigm shift that could really benefit anyone who is struggling to create a healthy life. I have experienced an amazing quality of friendships that has been a huge part of the whole experience, each person coming with their own motivation and ready to come together as a team. Learning from real masters in their fields the quality of information is superb and each one very personable.

Clint Bramley,  NZ,  63 & 60 years old - September 2019

"More than ever Permaculture & organic gardening & everything you guys taught us becomes more & more relevant. And a part of the bigger solution for Aotearoa going forward.   Petrina

 Same here from Hiruharama Jerusalem Bay you guys have changed our lives for the better and I will be eternally grateful Kia kaha and Arohanui to your whanau." Clint


Student Testimonials

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